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Rock soundtrack!

The Kalamaha journey began at the end of 2015 in an old haunted house in Vila Isabel with Rodrigo's uncompromising recordings for Chinese Alarm Clock, who together with Salvador were inadvertently invoking the songs that would give rise to the first draft of the album Nó Samsara.

From Chinese to À Tarde, Raphaella, Rising in Mars, Revés Blues, Confortism, Vegan, Shokubutsu, Night Drive and That Bet, the first Kalamaha versions were recorded bringing together special appearances by Diego Sanchez, Mari Milani, Bruno Schulz and Fernando Dias until 2016 with the compilation 'demoN' by Nó Samsara, starting the process that would result in the following years in numerous new recordings of the disc and new compositions, compiled for the album (also unreleased) Quetzal.

In the process of Yogurt, À Vezes, Levanta-te, Blink, Miss Unfailing, Bratacha, Valentina, Vermelha, Alice and Carlinha, musicians Bárbara Field, Caio Maia and Bruno Philippsen integrated the Kalamaha pantheon, whose maturation culminates in the launch albums official in 2022 on the road.

Beware the second stage turbine blade.