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Released on 01 01 2022, Nó Samsara conjures Rodrigo's first ten compositions for Kalamaha.


Built in old-world Rio de Janeiro, once the capital of an empire, by the end of 2015 it was nothing more than a haunted house in the quiet neighborhood of Vila Isabel facing the sound transgression of Rodrigo's first chords to Kalamaha.

In summoning a Stratocaster Giannini Sonic was carving the frequencies of 'Chinese Alarm Clock'; 'Revés Blue' traveled from IO; 'À Tarde' followed with Diego Sanchez collaborating on bass lines; 'Rising in Mars' was rescued from the afternoons in Laranjeiras; 'Night Drive' from the pillar of the will; A pair of Gianninis, a PRS and its red bass, a Fender Jaguar, Rodrigo has been rising 'Nó Samsara' for primordial ages.

Climbing a hill made his voice in the first recordings with Bruno Schulz; a fanfare also for the participation of Mari Milani; 'Raphaella' brought the balance of master Fernando Dias, Bruno Philippsen arrived through the labyrinths of fate; Building and making dreams follow recordings with comrade Caio. 'Shokubutsu no Boshi' swings to flirt with the baião; 'Vegan' gains new contours on Barbara Field's harmonica; 'That Bet' experiences its own journey; finally 'Confortism' a consommé of the sound 'Nó Samsara'.

A production by Rodrigo Kalamaha and Salvador Camino, with thanks to friends Bárbara Field, Fernando Dias, Mari Milani, Caio Maia and CMStudioRJ – responsible for reamps and recordings, Bruno Philippsen, responsible for mixing the record from Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul.

Seven years in Tibet, Nó Samsara arrives through the Himalayas Records and Circuito Ambrosia labels.

Ficha Técnica


Rodrigo Kalamaha


Rodrigo Kalamaha
Salvador Camino


Bárbara Field
Bruno Philippsen
Diego Sanchez
Fernando Dias
Mari Milani
Rodrigo Kalamaha
Salvador Camino


Rodrigo Kalamaha, Salvador Camino @ Himalaya’s Records
Caio Maia @ CMStudioRJ, Rio de Janeiro
Bruno Schulz @ Vila Isabel, Rio de Janeiro




Salvador Camino


Bruno Philippsen @ Dom Rodolfo Estúdio, Rio Grande do Sul


Alex Raikov @ Raikov, Moscou, Rússia

Graphic Project

Alkera Dev/Design


Diego Sanchez
Pedro Cobiaco


Himalaya’s Records
Circuito Ambrosia


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